During my last year at the Royal College I moved to Battersea. On the bus journey from my house to Gloucester Road every morning, I would sit upstairs on the front seat of the bus, and I would make quick blind drawings of the traffic and of the people walking on the street. These are some of the drawings from that travel sketchbook, mainly of King's Road and Gloucester Road. The rest of the drawings are from my visits to the Tate Modern.

'Fitness First and Frappucino!' Pencil drawing from Cromwell Road 'Ranoush Juice' Pencil drawing from King's Road 'Heals' Pencil drawing from King's Road 'Fiat' Pencil drawing from Cheyne Walk 'Tate Modern' Pencil on paper 'Tate Modern' Pencil and colour pencil 'Ticket Office' Pencil on paper 'The Japanese guy that never moved' Pencil on paper 'Weirdos-child-half man' Pencil drawing at the Tate Modern