I just finished working on short film 'Night Thoughts', a trailer for Helen Simpson's short story published in Granta Magazine's new issue on Feminism. I worked on the design, direction and editing while Soyoung Hyun worked on the animation.


I have been working on a short film for Channel 4 for the past two months with my collective, Moth. We will be finishing this week and will be posting a trailer for it next week!


I worked at Nexus Productions for two weeks for director Celyn Brazier, on his new music video for Wagon Christ's Chunkothy. I assisted with colouring and with animation on the shot of the insects!


I ve been working at MPC for the past four days, with my friend Tommaso de Sanctis, on an E-on project. We have been animating little mice in Photoshop, protesting against energy-saving companies. The adverts will be on tv and several public places across the country, including the London Underground!


I made some drawings recently for a pitch on an animated documentary about refugees seeking asylum in the UK. I was looking at pictures from war photographers documenting the situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and concentrated mainly on drawing the children's faces, which i found very touching.


I just finished working on some animation for Mouka Filmi's next film, Once I Dreamt About Life, a live action documentary concerning suicide cases in Finland. Produced by Sami Jahnukainen and directed by Jukka Kärkkäinen, it is a really beautiful and touching film. Here are some early illustrations that i made for the film.


I worked on the third issue of Slashstroke Magazine, creating a double spread to accompagny Steve Cole's lovely poem, Second Skin. I will be featuring work on their fourth issue too, which will come out in the new year.

'Waiting room' Illustration for documentary pitch 'Waiting in Dover' Illustration for documentary pitch 'Hostel Corridor' Illustration for documentary pitch 'Leaving our home' Illustration for documentary pitch 'Injured child' Illustration for documentary pitch 'Our soldiers' Illustration for documentary pitch 'Injured brother' Illustration for documentary pitch 'Last memory of my grandfather' Illustration for documentary pitch 'Young boy' Illustration for Mouka Filmi 'Looking out' Illustration for Mouka Filmi 'Second Skin' Illustration for /- Magazine 'Second Skin' Illustration for /- Magazine